Published on 1/08/16 in Inside Wisembly

Wisembly : The July 2016 Updates

No need to do the Tour de France to discover what has been happening in July on Wisembly, you have it just here !
Work in progress : new statistics page is coming soon !

Here is our prototype for the statistics page
This summer, our humble yet awesome developers work on a rework of …Read more

Published on 26/07/16 in Inside Wisembly

Company culture at a large scale #1 – The Challenges

company culture

First off, we’re not going to take up too much of your precious time by talking about how important company culture is. You know it, we know it, everyone knows it. The important point is that employees who embrace the culture of their company are often happier, less stressed and more productive.
With job turnover at organisations with a …Read more

Published on 25/07/16 in Productivity Tips

Productivity tips to keep your holiday stress free


Holiday, by definition, is time off. So, whatever you’re up to this season, leave the stress at home and the office behind.
Except, switching off from the office grind isn’t easy. Many of us find the prospect of taking our annual leave a stress in itself. Will the team cope without you? How’s your inbox going to look when …Read more

Published on 14/07/16 in Future of Work

What Brexit can teach the construction industry about going digital: Q&A with Neil Thompson


It’s no secret that the construction industry has a lot to gain from digitisation. We’re talking better projects, happier employees and a lot more revenue. Previously we wrote about how digital transformation in the construction sector isn’t just about BIM. This time we’re chatting to Neil Thompson, someone who’s spearheading digitisation in the …Read more

Published on 30/06/16 in Future of Work

The London Technology Week, techUK and Wisembly

Last week was the week of the year if you’re a tech savvy. The London Technology week gathered thousands of people during hundreds of events. It was all about Tech and what’s coming up – data, IoT, collaboration, cloud, fintech, etc.
We’ve partnered with techUK to lead that change and make Tech event consistent with our digital …Read more

Published on 30/06/16 in Productivity Tips

6 ways to make your next panel discussion super interactive

Being a good panel moderator is like being a good director, you can’t let one actor steal the show.
Moderating panels is just plain difficult. We’ve all witnessed the classic moderator mistakes: hogging the mic, not giving all the panelists equal time to speak and ignoring the audience.
But we sympathise with moderators! Moderating a panel is a real …Read more