Published on 26/05/16 in Future of Work

Feedback – The Key To Digital Transformation For Big Banks

Big banks are facing two challenges right now – FinTech startups and the digitalisation of customers. The FinTech firms are innovative, customer-led and, most importantly, agile, both in their internal processes and external services. And for the customers, that’s exactly what they are looking for, an agile, adaptive and fully digital …Read more

Published on 24/05/16 in Inside Wisembly

Manage anonymity in your Votes and Evaluations

Anonymity is a major aspect in the process of giving everyone a voice during meetings. That is why we have decided to give you the hand when it comes to enable or disable your participants to contribute anonymously. You can now decide for each Vote and Evaluation whether the participant can answer anonymously or not.
To find out how …Read more

Published on 23/05/16 in Inside Wisembly

Integration of Google Drive files

Wisembly now enables you to incorporate files from your Google Drive! Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Drawings are now 3 clicks away from your Wiz. Once uploaded on your platform, these documents can be presented and shared to your participants.
To discover how this new possibility works, please read this article. …Read more