Published on 23/05/16 in Inside Wisembly

The Ranking, a new type of question

The Ranking is a new type of question, available for all Votes and Questionnaires. This new feature will enable your participants to sort different items in the order they want.
Find out how to use the Ranking in this article.
The final ranking
Every item, given its position in the list, gets …Read more

Published on 9/05/16 in Productivity Tips

The 7 Best Icebreakers to Use at Any Conference

In the UK sitting next to strangers and talking to them just isn’t our thing. That’s why connecting with large groups of people at a conference all at once can be a challenge. Even when the people know each other, making sure they’re engaged with what the speaker’s saying can be a handful.
But fear not, there is a …Read more