Wisem-big Data! Semantic Analysis Comes to Wisembly

Since the launch of Wisembly, our goal has always been to facilitate the preparation, animation and analysis of your meetings.

After several months of intensive research and testing, today we’re launching our new meetings analysis algorithm. Developed by our R&D team, this new algorithm is built over the latest technologies of semantic analysis. It provides an in-depth analysis of topics, positive, negative or neutral sentiment, and classes topics by importance according to the volume of conversations they generated.

From now on, Wisembly does all the work for you and allows you to analyse in a few seconds the themes that matter most to your audience. Be it in a 20 person meeting, or in front of a 2,000-wide audience.

Wisembly sums up for you the main topics discussed by your attendees

Our algorithm automatically groups all the messages into relevant themes. You don’t need to run through all the questions one by one to make sure you covered them all, Wisembly does all the work for you.



What’s more, our algorithm is capable of analysing thousands of messages per second. It’s the quickest way to synthesise your audience’s feedback.

Wisembly ensures that you addressed the most important topics

With this new functionality, our objective is to make your presentations even easier. Our meetings analytics algorithm is capable to know in real-time if you addressed the most important topics for your audience during the meeting.

At a glance, uncover the topics that you still need to address. Discover the ones you didn’t think about but that interested your audience.

Wisembly helps you identify positive and negative topics


In addition to the automatic analysis of the topic associated with each question asked by your audience during your meeting, we added sentiment analysis to the engine. What does that mean exactly? It’s simple: our algorithm automatically detects the tone associated with each question. This way, you’re able to know the mindset of your attendees on each of the topics you discussed during the meeting. Stop doubting about your audience’s feelings and concretely know what your collaborators think.

We are offering this offer exclusively to select clients during the first rollout phase. Soon, the algorithm will be available to all, including for previously created Wiz’s.


Interested by Wisembly? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to guide you through our Solution!




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