Why Slack has become the new favorite tool of large corporations


Slack brings all your international communications together in one place and is used on a daily basis by over 1 million users in the world. How has Slack made itself an indispensable business tool?

Stewart Butterfield has done it again. At just 41, the Canadian seems to have stumbled upon his second and latest accidental success. After co-founding Flickr in 2004, which was sold to Yahoo in 2005 and changed photo-sharing forever, he is now running Slack Technologies, a company he co-founded in 2013.

Slack rapidly spread like wildfire in the corporate world and is integrated on professional smartphones, pads, and computers. In the USA, this app is one of the fastest-growing workplace software out there. Adobe, Airbnb, Buzzed, Ebay and the Wall Street Journal have chosen Slack to enhance their internal communications and gain in productivity. In France, the app is slowly starting to arrive in various corporations and will soon become « the next best thing ».

It’s inevitable, once you get to a certain size in a company, internal information traffic doesn’t seem to flow perfectly. This can be improved by Slack as every employee will take part of various discussions. In addition to emails, employees have the tendency to communicate through diverse channels such as Skype, Google Hangout, Twitter, Dropbox and Evernote Chat. 80% of workers master these communication tools and usually use 1 or 2 channels, according to their preference.

Slack was born when Stewart decided to give people a new kind of view of their organization. People can send fewer emails, host fewer stand-up meetings and organize fewer conference calls. The pitch for Slack is that makes you more productive by reducing the amount of time you spend on other productivity-related tasks!

Slack integrated other tools such as Skype, Hangouts, and Twitter according to the news of each team and each company; Slack becomes more powerful when you dig just a little deeper. You can really adapt the platform and build on top of it! All your internal documents, communications and information will be stocked in just one single app.

1 unique communication platform

Slack communications happen all in one place and can be segmented by creating Channels for various topics. You can assign your users to as many channels as you need in order to keep topics visible to the team members you want to see any individual topic.
A general channel forum is generally accessible to all the employees. Each user has an individual tab to upload notes. Slack does not want to replace emails in a business corporation, it simply provides an intuitive and a fluid way to communicate between the team, all through a real-time synchronization. All employees can instantly know the evolution of a project. Slack can be used in so many ways to improve the business environment such as sharing content to everyone, in just 1 click (share or downloaded files). The search engine of Slack stores and sorts conversations, tweets and documents related to a project or subject.

Collaborative Management

Slack was designed for small teams (average of 20 employees) and have now developed its business into large companies that are surfing across innovation trends. Many large businesses are open to innovative tools to improve internal communication and collaborative management. Updating notes, the flow of information between teams and services, optimization of working time, Slack has created a revolutionary product. Our own HR Manager, Johanne at Wisembly uses Slack for the integration of new employees. Thus, when a new member joins the team, they can read the history of certain discussions or take knowledge of ongoing projects, which is just impossible by email.

Subscriptions start between 8$ to 49$ a month per employee. Slack guarantees security and confidentiality.
To learn more and try out the app: https://slack.com/


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