Wisembly wishes you a happy new year!

The Wisembly team wishes you a happy new year 2016! Through this blogpost, we would like to show you a summary of our 2015 and also give you a glimpse into what’s to come in 2016!

==== WISEMBLY IN 2015 

In figures, the Wisembly rocket looks like this:

  • 209 142 questions or comments
  • 155 011 people connected to the Wisembly platform
  • 283 766 liked posts
  • Close to 4000 Wizes created!

frise wisembly in use

Not forgetting:

  • 1 – A successful launch of SOLID, our latest Wisembly product. Amongst those already using SOLID are: Spotify, Uber, Salesforce, Drivy, Hootsuite, Deezer and many others.


“2015 marked the launch of our new product, SOLID, the daily meeting management application. After having shared Solid within a small community during our private beta, we officially realeased Solid in September. The results greatly exceeded our expectations and the encouraging feedback from our users allows us to continue to rapidly advance the development of Solid each day. If you haven’t tested it out yet, you can try it here !”, Romain – Wisembly founder.

  • 2 – The opening of our UK offices in London.

uk flag

« The first 6 months of Wisembly’s UK business activity have been very promising. Half a dozen clients are already onboard & 12 associations and partner organisations – including The French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain – have been using Wisembly to boost their meeting productivity. Today I am also very glad to have a team of four talented people, dedicated to business development in the UK & lovely offices in the well-known Shoreditch area. As we say at Wisembly « Open the Way!» », Andreï – Wisembly founder.


  • 3 – A new hosting provider for Wisembly: Oxalide, who meet all of the security and confidentiality needs of our clients.


“The transition of our data onto a dedicated private cloud in France means two things: increased realiability and availability whilst increasing the security for our users. Our technical teams prioritised these two tasks in 2015 in order to respond to the expectations and demands of our clients across the world. We will continue this drive into 2016, in addition to product updates and innovations,”, Guillaume – CTO and Wisembly founder.


  • 4 – In 2015, Wisembly was awarded two awards for innovation and growth:
  • Gartner Cool Vendor 2015

Wisembly was awarded the title of Cool Vendor by Gartner for its technological innovation. Other companies to receive the award included the likes of Bla Bla Car and Running Heroes. 

  • Deloitte Fast 500 (EMEA)

Wisembly was classed in the Deloitte Fast 500! For the last 20 years, Deloitte’s Fast 500 has awarded businesses, in all sectors, who combine strong growth with technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.



==== WISEMBLY IN 2016

The Wisembly team wishes you a very happy new year 2016!

Whilst writing up our review of 2015, we asked the Wisembly team: “In a word, what does Wisembly in 2016 look like for you?”.

The results are below.


2016 will be full of challenges for Wisembly and we will be delighted to share them with you. We hope that you’ll better understand why our chosen Wisembly value for this year is “Open the Way”.

The year will kick off strongly right from the get-go with the extension of our offices on the Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie road in the centre of the Marais area of Paris.

open the way


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