The London Technology Week, techUK and Wisembly

Last week was the week of the year if you’re a tech savvy. The London Technology week gathered thousands of people during hundreds of events. It was all about Tech and what’s coming up – data, IoT, collaboration, cloud, fintech, etc.

We’ve partnered with techUK to lead that change and make Tech event consistent with our digital message we all had this week.

techUK organised the Connected Home event with speakers such as James Monighan, Managing Director of SmartThings at Samsung and Richard Wiles, Sales & Business Development Director – Smart Metering, Toshiba. The agenda focused on two main points:

  • ‘What Do Smart Meters Actually Deliver?’
  • ‘The Implications for the Security and Insurance Markets: What is the potential demand for smart security?’

To engage attendees and communicate their message, they allowed live audience interaction through live messages on Wisembly and Twitter, votes and satisfaction surveys.

Attendees were able to directly interact with their own devices throughout the afternoon, without interrupting the speakers. All their questions appeared on the Wisembly platform and speakers could directly answer the questions or give more information on relevant points for the audience.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.48.43

The audience was also polled on strategic questions. It allowed the speakers to comment the audience opinion and to make the event more interactive and collaborative.

But live audience interaction is only the tip of the iceberg. Before and after the event, organisers can make sure their message will be powerful and most relevant to attendees. Interaction can start before the event, to start collecting expectations, questions and gage the audience on a specific topic for the conference. After the event, all the data is captured and analysed giving the opportunity to organisers to reflect on the event and re-engage with delegates with highly-targeted follow-up conversation.


If you were at this event, we would love to get in touch to collect your feedback. / +44 (0) 20 37 69 68 40



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