Wisembly Update: Improved Analytics to Better Understand Your Meetings and Your Team

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One of our priorities with Wisembly is to give you a better understanding of your team mates and collaborators working on a project. A big part of this happens during meetings, by giving a voice to each and every participant. But to help you improve on meetings in the long run, we had to give you more tools.

That’s why we’ve completely overhauled the statistics available to you on your Wiz. You can already access them via the “Analyse” tab.

New stats: More actionable data to better understand your meetings… and your teams!

The new stats tab on your Wiz now includes 3 sections:

  • Overview
  • Timeline
  • Insights

The overview will allow you to analyse your Wiz in its entirety (yes, exactly like its title indicates 😉 ): participation rate, number of messages posted, number of reactions to these messages… You’ll get a birds eye view on how your participants experienced the meeting.

2 new sections to deepen your analysis

The timeline displays all the events that took place during your meeting, minute by minute. Discover the results of each vote, the reactions to each message and more. The timeline is the best way to easily discover key moments in your meetings without having to dissect all the data in an Excel spreadsheet for hours on end.

The insights views lets you dig deeper into the numbers of each interaction that took place on your Wiz. A great use case for it so to open your votes with questions to get some context on the respondents: “what team do you work in?” is a good opening question allowing you to filter the votes’ results afterwards.

Display the messages that caused the most reactions and explore the results of your quizzes.

These options are available depending on your licences and roles. Contact the Success team or view our pricing page to know more!


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