New: With Activity Reports, Share Your Events’ Important Information In A Few Clicks

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Today, we’re launching Activity Reports to further the reach of your data collected in meetings.

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In short: With Activity Report, you can easily create a shareable report of your event’s activity. In a few clicks, you can decide what info and data to include in it. Once you’re done, you can decide who gets access: from only select people you expressly chose, to everyone in your organisation, to… the entire people on Earth and beyond.

Why data matters

In order to base decisions and make consequential changes in the long term, you simply have to analyse your data. It’s Wisembly’s role to facilitate each steps of your meetings, this includes how you’ll leverage the data collected and information shared during them.

The amount of content shared and created during all your meetings and big events is HUGE… and it’s a treasure trove waiting to be tapped into. Since we’re already facilitating meetings of all kinds for our clients, we’re in a prime spot to help them leverage the data they create.

That’s why we’ve been giving a lot of love to your “Analyse” tab in Wisembly over the past few months, and confirm this with today’s update.

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Analyse is where you’ll find all the insights on your event. We started by adding the Overview, Timeline and Insights tabs to it. They broaden your view and greatly improve the level of details of analysis into your meetings. All of this is to help you understand how your participants felt, reacted, and lived during your meeting or event. Learn more from our past article.

Making it all actionable

Would you care knowing how many hours you’ve spent in meetings over the past month? Probably not that much: in itself, this number doesn’t help you improve. What if you could know just how many of those hours you could have saved by sending an email instead of meeting up?

Data, in itself, isn’t worth much. It only matters when you can leverage it. That’s why we need to make it actionable.

The activity report lets you sum up all your events and meetings’ data. In just a few clicks, keep what’s interesting, hide what’s not, and share a simple, easily digestible report to anyone of your choice.
The activity reports should be a big step towards making your events’ data more understandable and usable in your projects.

If you have questions about it, ask us here or email for more information.


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