Wisembly: January 2017 Updates

We started off the new year fresh with a new set of updates. Here’s a rundown on what’s new:


– Projection Mode : added controls and improvements for the rotation of answers of votes and quizzes.

  • Answers are now shown one by one for better readability.
  • Added Play/Pause by hitting spacebar, as well as possibility to manually cycle through answers with up and down arrows.

– Quiz: a new setting allows you to decide if answers are displayed or not when the participants answer the questions. This was made to prevent cheating during knowledge quizzes.

– Activity report: now visible on mobile and tablet.

Good to know:

– Votes: you can now choose to display results from the Launchpad (most correct answers first, or most wrong answers first).

– Password: increased security on password with more requirements for valide passowrds.

  • When signing up, passwords now must contain: at least 8 characters, 1 uppercase character, and 1 number.
  • When signing in, after 5 failed conenction attempts , the user is blocked for 5 minutes before being able to try again.


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