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Meet the Wisembly UK Team!

2016 will be a very challenging year for the UK Team! We do hope you’ll be part of it and spice up your meetings with Wisembly.
Let’s first have a look at the milestones of Wisembly’s history in the UK:

June, 2015: official opening of the UK office
December, 2015: we signed for a very …Read more

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Wisembly wishes you a happy new year!

The Wisembly team wishes you a happy new year 2016! Through this blogpost, we would like to show you a summary of our 2015 and also give you a glimpse into what’s to come in 2016!
==== WISEMBLY IN 2015 
In figures, the Wisembly rocket looks like this:

209 142 questions or …Read more

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How to muck up your digital transformation?

Here are all the little techniques to make sure you muck up your business’s digital transformation. Of course, you can also look at this as “things NOT to do in order to NOT muck up your digital transformation”.
1. Digital transformation is all about the tools
Yes, but no. A successful digital transformation starts with human …Read more

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A trip back to Wisembly’s Breakfast meeting on “Digital Transition and Transforming Jobs”

Over 80 experts in marketing, communication, HR and other in other services were all gathered at the Welcome City Lab on Friday the 27th of November 2015.
Agenda of the breakfast meeting: “Digital Transformation and Transforming jobs”
The goal of this meet-up: Have digital experts share their best practices, successes and also challenges they have faced in the past. …Read more

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New kid on the block: Chief Digital Officer


The CDO role is changing dramatically. While the position isn’t exactly new, what’s required of the average CDO is! Gone are the days of being responsible for introducing basic digital solutions.
The Chief Digital Officer is now a « Chief business transformer » and has a mission to coordinate and manage …Read more

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Wisembly – A new way to manage your dates

The main improvements:

You can decide when your participants can access to your Wiz and when they can’t get there.
Your Wiz is automatically closed at the end of the contract that has been used to activate the platform.
Your statistics become more accurate by analyzing only the datas of your open Wiz.

Why these changes?
Since the …Read more

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The ATAWAD concept represents perfectly how technology and the way we work are evolving. Being continuously connected is becoming just as important as the work we deliver. Whether you are at home, in a meeting or in transports, you need to collaborate and get in touch with people using the device you have on …Read more