Published on 21/09/15 in Future of Work

Top 3 Tools for Managing Social Media Accounts


Social media is one of the most effective ways for you and your business to get more traffic and generate new leads. Attempting to juggle each one of your social media accounts are time-consuming and tricky. At Wisembly, we use 3 tools allowing the marketing teams to update and monitor all of our accounts in one convenient place. …Read more

Published on 26/08/15 in Future of Work

How collaborative technologies can influence management


Companies need their critical workforces to perform smarter, faster and more productively. Collaborative solutions are transforming the way organizations turns knowledge into action; But how do organizations balance the business value of collaboration and virtualization with the reality of risk management and compliance?

The challenges of management
A study conducted in December 2014 by CEGOS …Read more

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10 Unexpected Things You Should Do to Become Super Productive


There are many things you can do throughout your day that are directly beneficial toward your productivity and workflow. Some of these things might not stand out or may seem like a waste of time, but you need to refresh yourself in order to improve your workflow. I love finding little hacks that allow you to grow your productivity …Read more

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London Event: Digital Shoreditch 2015

The Digital Shoreditch Festival is a key moment in the year that offers a global platform to innovators who are growing and enriching this amazing tech ecosystem – those who share powerful ideas and stories, and work towards achieving greater social, cultural and economic impact. With this in mind, Festival’15 spotlights three focus areas vital to the continued development …Read more

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Why Slack has become the new favorite tool of large corporations


Slack brings all your international communications together in one place and is used on a daily basis by over 1 million users in the world. How has Slack made itself an indispensable business tool?
Stewart Butterfield has done it again. At just 41, the Canadian seems to have stumbled upon his second and latest accidental success. After …Read more

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Top 10 Meeting Tech Trends for 2015

The UK is full of tech savvies! If you are a meeting planner and have a passion for tech, this article is made for you. The International Association of Conference Centres recently provided an extensive research among their collaborators to find out which technologies are influencing meeting planners and venue operators across the globe.
Mark Cooper, the CEO of …Read more

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London Event: International Confex

For the 2nd time around, Wisembly exhibited at the International Confex at Olympia, London, in Feb 2015. We were placed upstairs at the Technology Zone and made great contacts with our peers.
We also debated with Quickmobile, Trippus Events and Crystal Interactive on how technology can change your events and how you can get the …Read more

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The awkward moment when you want to laugh in a meeting

It’s important to laugh every day and it’s good for your health. Laughing will turn your stress into a positive energy, provide oxygen to the brain, reduce stomach pains, increase blood pressure and helps with digestion. Wow, so many benefits but sometimes giggling in serious situations, especially in meetings with the presence of your superiors who are not …Read more

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Digital Transformation? WTF?


Digital transition, digital transformation … behind these words, one common reality: all companies are required to make the shift to digitalisation. But what are we talking about exactly? Come on, we will explain it all!

A transition on all aspects of the business

What is the digital transition? If we  …Read more

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Wisembly has been nominated « Cool Vendor 2015 » by Gartner – International Technology Research

<strong>Wisembly, a SAAS solution for meetings & events has been nominated « Cool Vendor 2015 » by <a href=”” data-mce-href=””>Gartner, Inc.</a>, a multi-international research company on technology.</strong> Chosen from various French Companies that have demonstrated a technological innovation, the Wisembly team can give themselves a round of applause!This nomination strengthens its position as a player among the most innovative …Read more